Youth Stories


My life has not been an easy one. That is a generous understatement! Floating from foster home to foster home, finally landing with a real family only to find out that it was even harder for me to adjust to living with them. I headed out to a friend’s house, moved out when I thought I had it right, but found out life is even harder without parental figures around. Somewhere in that I fell apart couldn’t hold a job, and found myself homeless. Someone had told me about the 6th Street Center and how you can “drop in” but I was scared to try it out. I had tried other services before and felt uncomfortable. For weeks I refused to be a “client” because I was unable to accept that I really needed the help. I eventually came around and it just so happened to be the best decision I have ever made!

6th Street has helped me in so many ways I can’t even count. They have helped me become the young man I thought I was. Providing me with; showers, computer access, and clean clothes as well as help with putting together my resume, getting my ID, birth certificate, and peace of mind. They encouraged me to stay on top of myself, and expected more from me when I was lacking, believing in me when no one else would (i.e. myself). Now I currently have a stable job and am going to college. I also am no longer homeless. I now have a stable living environment that enables me to successfully go to school and stay clean and dressed appropriate for work.