Youth Speak Out

What some of the youth at 6th Street have to say about their experience…


“When I was homeless, I went to my sanctuary called 6th Street.  I believe they saved me from death. The 6th Street Team helped me realize things could get better. Life changing encounters happen at this place.”


“We are not all out here because we chose to be or because we like it out here. Some of us out here on the streets had such an abusive or crazy household in the past that this is all we know or can do at this point.”


“ It would be a big stress relief and a very grateful experience to get started on this thing called life”


“I am very thankful for the help of the 6th Street staff for motivating me in the right direction. I have begun to take two steps forward instead of taking one step back”


“While I sat by myself on the third street bench I would dream about a life where I was part of society”


“I hope to find a place to call home and not be lonely anymore”


“I want to get my life together and leave the drama of the streets behind”


“I want someone to show me how to change. I need help, I just don’t know how to ask for it”


“We need to look at every person and every story as if it were our own.  We need to treat every individual and every youth as if they were our own family member, friend, child, and loved one.”